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Sierra de Segura

Sierra de Segura takes up around 70% of the territory of the Natural Park Cazorla, Segura and las Villas, the second largest protected area in Europe with 209.000 hectares.

The special environmental features of Sierra de Segura, its uneven orography, the geological complexity and the varied nature of the substratum and its characteristic climatic conditions, allow the presence of an exceptional floristic richness, with lots of endemic species and with a restricted distribution that, joined to the diversity of its fauna and the importance of some of its species, make this natural area one of the greatest ecological interest area of Sapin.

The relieve of the Natural Park is characterized by its rough and abbrupt appearance, with a distribution of altitudes that come from 600 metres in the lower levels of the fluvial valleys to 2.000 metres of Pico Cabañas and Cabrilla. For this reason this natural area is called of medium mountain, although this doesn´t impede the presence of steep slopes in a great part of the territory. 

It also forms a watershed to the Mediterranean Sea -río Segura- and to the Atlantic Ocean -río Guadalquivir-. The abundance of water is one of the main characteristic and it also has important sources of rivers and tributaries.

Getting lost in these mountains means discovering incomparable beauty places such as the dam of Tranco with its two islands (Cabeza de la Viña y Bujaraiza) or the dam of the Anchuricas, The Calar Nava del Espino and El Navalperal, the hillock of Góntar, the mountain chain of Las Banderillas, El Yelmo, the top of the Tus river and many more places that you could know when you visit this area...and when you come back because when you know this inhabited paradise, it is difficult not to come back. 

Para más información: www.sierradesegura.com